Does the Devil Ever Die ?

The devil is bold he will come right on your porch and welcome himself into your house. He shows up when we least expect but it’s never a coincidence. Christmas 2017 was amazing full of family, friends and love until the devil needed to send a reminder that his purpose is to kill, steal and destroy.

My sister called me around 6 p.m. Christmas night and I could feel the urgency in her voice, she told me the devil had showed up. She stood on her great grandmother’s porch on the same block that we lived on as kids, the same block our mother slipped into a coma on. She was outside smoking a cigarette as man walking with a cane, face and head covered by a hood approached her. She didn’t recognize the man so she said, “Merry Christmas, who are you?” The man replied “Merry Christmas” my sister instantly knew who he was… my mother’s abuser and murderer! She says she instantly had 100 thoughts…she could take his cane and beat him to death, he would’t stand a chance in the snow… she then thought this is not the place not in front of her 95 year old great grandmother’s house…it’s Jesus’ birthday.

The devil had the audacity to make small talk and inform her he had open heart surgery a few months ago. She said she knew, he even told her that his mother always asked about her. She said he walked away and she began to cry, her dad came outside a few moments later and asked why she was so emotional, she informed him of the encounter. Her dad, her protector became angry and asked why didn’t she go and get him while the devil was there. My sister said she remembered her dad and some other throwing the devil out of our mother’s funeral and knew that getting her dad would be a bad idea.

After hearing all of this I became outraged, my entire day had gone sour, the hate in my heart began to come out. I told my sister she should have beat him with his cane. I couldn’t stay on the phone with my sister, I didn’t want her to hear me cry. I cried out asking why does the devil keep haunting my family. I asked God why won’t he die! My heart pounded. My husband consoled me, my mother in love asked to pray… I denied it… I didn’t want to talk to God..I needed to know why He wasn’t protecting my family.

Although I am an advocate I still struggle, the devil still attacks my family. 27 years later and the devil is still trying to destroy us. I woke up this morning in a better head space, being that I know who my enemy is I know how to conquer him. I won’t let the devil steal my joy, I will continue to pursue this mission of bringing awareness to domestic violence. My mother’s pain has a purpose and although physically this cowardly lion is alive he is dead to me. The devil will die if you are willing to slay him and I pray that God continues to strengthen me… I don’t have any stones or a sling shot but I have favor over my life. I have been labeled as having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) but my mother in love told me it stands for Pre Tested Selected Disciple… The Devil WILL die!

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