Does the Devil Ever Die ?

The devil is bold he will come right on your porch and welcome himself into your house. He shows up when we least expect but it’s never a coincidence. Christmas 2017 was amazing full of family, friends and love until the devil needed to send a reminder that his purpose is to kill, steal and Read More >

Don’t laugh at her

Today she posted the most beautiful status on social media of how much her “man” adores her. Yesterday she posted a status filled with sad face emojis and a picture of a bruised lip. Don’t laugh at her Last night she barely slept, waking every 30 minutes to make sure he didn’t keep his promise Read More >

Sometimes The Children Are The Survivors

Everyone doesn’t overcome domestic violence, not everyone gets to tell their story. There is no knight in shining armor, rainbow at the end of the tunnel or some hero that saves the day sometimes there are only children three beautiful children left alone. Children that are separated because they didn’t have the same father, two Read More >

10 Classic Signs of An Abusive Man

Possessiveness- becomes jealous over relationships with family and friends. Control-Becomes angry if you show independence or strength. Superiority- Talks  down to you. Manipulates- Tries to make you  feel like the abuse is your fault. Mood swings- Moods go from abusive to apologetic. Actions don’t match words- says he loves you then abuses you. Punishes You- Plays silent Read More >

Make A Plan

1) Where will you go: Don’t be afraid to relocate, you might have to move to another city or state. I know it seems drastic but it can save your life. 2)Who should you tell: It is important not to tell anyone you are leaving that the abuser may be able to manipulate  and obtain information Read More >

Way More Than Physical

Maybe you have read these blogs and have said to yourself this isn’t me, I’m not being abused physically. Although you have not suffered from black eyes or busted lips you may be belittled on a daily basis. No matter what you do it’s never good enough for him. Constantly being told you can’t make it Read More >

Wedding Bells

After all the busted lips,broken ribs and black eyes for some reason my mother still said yes when her boyfriend proposed to her. It was actually creative, he had gotten an oversized box and filled it with heavy objects maybe rocks and placed the small ring in the box. I’m not sure if it was Read More >


Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year. That should be the reason I decided not to smoke right? Truth is my mother smoked Kool cigarettes on a regular basis, she was a smoker. The stinky smell doesn’t stop me or the lung disease it may cause is not what keeps me from Read More >

Detroit Pistons Back2Back Champions

We were all in the living room watching the basketball championship which was major since we lived in Detroit and the Detroit Pistons  won, so of course the city was going crazy! My mom & her boyfriend went on the porch and started busting their gun. It sounded like fireworks I was all excited you know Read More >

Curb Side Service

“So you just getting off work” my mother’s boyfriend asked her as she walked in our front door. “Yea” she replied nonchalantly “Oh I called your job and they said you didn’t work tonight” and  that’s when it all began. A punch to the face and then an all out brawl as if these two Read More >

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