Sometimes The Children Are The Survivors

Everyone doesn’t overcome domestic violence, not everyone gets to tell their story. There is no knight in shining armor, rainbow at the end of the tunnel or some hero that saves the day sometimes there are only children three beautiful children left alone. Children that are separated because they didn’t have the same father, two moved to a different state and one left  with no brother or sister.  NO one realizes that the children are now motherless and instead of counseling, love and memories. There are no pictures of their mother in the home they now live in, no conversation that their mother ever existed only new rules and even told “your mother been dead”. No matter how long my mother has been gone she will still be my mother. So now a daughter is a teenage mother, a son is loss looking for love from a woman figure and the baby girl is afraid to truly love thinking the one person she truly loved left her. So now here my siblings and I are mending the broken hearts that our mother left behind. If you are caring for a child who has loss their parent….let their parent live, it is healthy.  Keep pictures out and tell them how special their parent was, hobbies, favorite color anything to let them know they aren’t going crazy. That at one time in life their world was perfect, that someone loved them unconditionally.

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