Phone Call

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“Can me and the kids come and stay for a while, I think _________ is gonna do something real crazy”.

The person on the other end of the phone replied “Let me check with my husband and I’ll call you later”.  I asked my mother where we were going and she said Ohio. This conversation played over and over in my head for years, so a few years back I finally asked my big sister if we had family in Ohio and told her of the conversation. She told me our mom had some cousins there. We never made it to Ohio and I don’t know if my mother ever received a phone call back. So many times I hear people say that there is no need to intervene she is only going to go back to him or I’m not getting involved. I don’t expect anyone to put himself or herself in harms way but I do expect people to lend a helping hand. No matter how many times a person goes back to their abuser keep your door open especially if they are family you never know when the time will come and they actually don’t turn back.  So what it may inconvenience you but it may also save someone else’s life.

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