Way More Than Physical

Maybe you have read these blogs and have said to yourself this isn’t me, I’m not being abused physically. Although you have not suffered from black eyes or busted lips you may be belittled on a daily basis. No matter what you do it’s never good enough for him. Constantly being told you can’t make it without him or one of the most common lines are “I made you”.  Does he stop you from furthering your education or reaching goals you have set for yourself? The lowest of the low even ridicule you for showing love to your children, but usually say “you’re spoiling them”. They even get upset when you make plans to spend time with your family.  All of these tactics are efforts to make you feel as if all you have is them, that no one else loves you or cares for you. Don’t believe the hype…your family and friends love you, that’s why they tell you that you deserve better. Abuse comes in many forms and once the bruises have healed those words still linger in your mind causing depression and even illness.  Just because you didn’t end up in the emergency room doesn’t mean you aren’t being abused. Get out before a yell turns into a slap a slap turns into a punch and a punch turns into death!

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