A Mother’s Love

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a mother's loveOne of the greatest memories I have of my mother is the love she had for her children. I never wanted children; too afraid I would leave them alone in this world. Thankfully God blessed me with a daughter at the same age my mother was when she gave birth to me and my husband already had a son so I was blessed with him as well. Love truly conquers all despite the many tragic memories I have, I remember my mother’s love.  One day my sister came home from school with a ripped shirt and frantically tells our mother she had been jumped by some girls. I’ll never forget my mother told her to go and change her shirt; afterwards she braided my sister’s long thick hair into a French braid. Confused my sister asked what was she doing and as calm as my mother could be she replied, “We are going to all of their houses and you’re going to fight them one on one”. My sister says she was scared out of her mind as they walked the neighborhood looking for these girls. That might not have been the right thing to do and I’m sure in the 80’s the world was a lot more calmer, now a days you might get shot pulling a stunt like that. Having children I know my mother’s heart was crushed and filled with anger, knowing someone had hurt her child. She would have undoubtedly fought 100 people for my sister. My mother was a real person; she was a lover, a mother, a sister, a daughter, an aunt and friend. I’m saddened to know she didn’t know how great she was.

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