Batters Up

purple ribbon

Maybe the winter was a better season in our life because all of my memories seem to have occurred during the summer and fall. A lot of people say people go crazy when it gets hot out, so maybe all the ammunition my mother’s boyfriend needed was a change of season. I had just learned how to ride my bike and of course my mother’s boyfriend is the one who taught me how, he literally ran up and down the street with me until I got it (those are the moments my mother loved). I’m riding up and down the street wide open, just enjoying the summer air. I was coming from the corner towards our house as I saw my mother’s boyfriend come around the corner in our brown station wagon; I started to pedal faster in an attempt to beat him home. Of course I lost but just as I rode up I saw my mother’s boyfriend getting out of the car with a 2×4 piece of wood (I’m not sure if that was the exact measurement). My mother stood on the porch and not able to run fast enough her boyfriend hit her in the head with the wood literally knocking a piece of her ear off. I have no recollection of what happened next, I’m not even sure if she fell out. All I remember is feeling short of breath. Maybe he should have played MLB because there is no doubt in my mind he was attempting to hit a home run.

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