Curb Side Service

“So you just getting off work” my mother’s boyfriend asked her as she walked in our front door. “Yea” she replied nonchalantly “Oh I called your job and they said you didn’t work tonight” and  that’s when it all began.

A punch to the face and then an all out brawl as if these two had never met. Honestly I always liked the fact that my mother fought back but she was no competition for this man ( I use the term man lightly). Blow for blow until I guess he realized she couldn’t fight back. Once again my mother is spread out on the floor face swelling and blood coming from her nose and mouth. “Ya’ll get your shoes” is what I heard next. My siblings and I grabbed our shoes and headed to the car as he carried our mom over his shoulder like a rag doll. We arrived at the hospital and he pulled up to the entrance of the ER. “Go get a wheelchair” so we got out and he helped her into the wheel chair, immediately after he pulled off. Nothing like three kids wheeling their mother into an ER looking as if she was Martin from the  episode when he fought Tommy Hitman Hearns. I guess this is what you would call curb side service. I don’t want to forget these memories because they remind me of my worth, I just want to be able to heal from the pain they cause.

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