Detroit Pistons Back2Back Champions

We were all in the living room watching the basketball championship which was major since we lived in Detroit and the Detroit Pistons  won, so of course the city was going crazy! My mom & her boyfriend went on the porch and started busting their gun. It sounded like fireworks I was all excited you know how it is when you don’t have to go to bed early and your parents really aren’t paying you any attention. I’m not sure what happened but my mom came in the house yelling “fuck you” and before I could blink her boyfriend slapped her across her face and she hit the floor. Being the woman she was she jumped up and grabbed a knife “this the last time you gonna hit me” (it wasn’t the last time). Before I knew it I called 911 and the police were there. Knife in hand, now my mom looks like the bad guy. He didn’t get arrested that night and luckily neither did she but I was yelled at once the police left “why would you call the police when I had a knife in my hand”. All I could do was cry I thought I was protecting my mom. How could the whole city be celebrating a championship and I’m in my room feeling defeated?!

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